Monday, January 19, 2009

Creep a day!

So, here's the deal. when i was a youngun, i used to draw all the time. Constantly, all over any notebook or piece of Xerox paper I could find.
I'd fold my own comics and create my own teams of super powered beings that still exist in some for to this day.
I even went to art school, as some of you may know, when I was at the height of my drawing ability.
Eventually I started to get older and i started to focus more on the writing and eventually weeks would pass when I wouldn't even pick up a pencil... this saddens me now


In the spirit of last years "write a short story-a-day" experiment, I'm
now forcing myself to draw a creep everyday for a year! My little world has more than enough good guys, so i had to give them something to hit!
everyday, starting today, I'll pop a creep here on the J'Mel Stuff blog! some will be beautifully rendered, others just sketches.
on notebook paper, on napkins, on whatever- as long as I draw it! for an added bonus, it you like, you can send me the name of something like "the boiling boy" or "the creeping thrumpton" and I'll draw the shit out of it!
so, here we go!... CREEP-A-DAY!


  1. I was thinking of starting a "Photoshop a week" thing, to flex my Photoshop muscles which have become very flimsy and pathetic over the years. I don't know if I could pull it off daily. I admire your commitment!

  2. I'll give you one -- Ricky Skeeball!