Monday, February 9, 2009

Creep a day #8 "Sue Silver"

Emma! where do you come up with these things!?


  1. Emma has no comment this morning. Too early. But, being able to shout the news to her that there was a new drawing to see got her to finally get out of bed, so thanks for that!

  2. Well, Emma wants to invite you over to our house, and I assured her that if you were ever in town you would visit.

    Meanwhile, she wanted to come up with some more names, so hear they are.

    Mr. Pott
    Polly Plueley
    Ginger Boovoo
    Zac Catty
    Zeke Reek
    Shaw Shoodle
    Lambshow Emma

  3. Tell Emma that she is awesome.

  4. Those are good from her, as usual. I want to try a few new ones as well:

    The Either Or
    J. Wellington YEAAAAGH!
    The Scream Therapist
    The Finger
    Cthulhu's Cousin Melinda Neubaum