Wednesday, April 8, 2009

“Cowboys and Copters”

Hey! Wasn't I supposed to put some writing on this here blog? my bad!
Here is part one of the Tex adventure of party crashers.
Don't forget to read Uncanny Alfie and Dexter Pepper!

INT. Bank lobby DAY
The guard’s eyes water, then roll back in his head as Smoke pours from a revolver on the opposite side of the room.
The gun belongs to Tex. He is trembling, breathing heavily, and wearing a bandanna mask around his mouth.

The bank floor is covered with the bodies of customers, security guards and dead cowboys. Chip and Tex are the only ones standing.
In the background, a woman screams.

Blood bubbles from Chips mouth and from the back of his head, the exit wound.
His hand is still near his holster as he sways, and finally falls to the ground.
In the background, the woman continues to scream.
Tex turns and points his gun at her.

TEX: Ma’am, please shut up! Shut the hell up…

She does.
Tex begins to back up towards the door when he hears a cough…

VOICE: Tex (coughing). Tex…

Tex looks around to find the source of the voice.

TEX: Tex? Where are you?

A hand rises, and Tex climbs over the fallen bodies to the man.

TEX: God, Tex! You’re shot!

TEX 2: Don’t you think I know that, boy?

TEX: I gotta git you outta here!

TEX 2: Boy, are you touched? I’m dead! Get out of here, take the money and run!

TEX: But, Tex-

TEX 2: go on, git! Or I’ll shoot you myself!

TEX: I ain’t leavin’ a man behind!

Tex puts the bags of money on Tex’s chest and proceeds to pull him outside.

Outside, the streets are almost barren except for a few people hiding in doorways and behind cars. Tex is at the edge of the sidewalk with Tex when he hears the sirens.

TEX 2: Boy, git the hell out of here! They’re coming!

TEX: I ain’t leavin’ you!

TEX 2: You high falutin’ pansy! They’re gonna hang your ass from the highest tree in the county!

TEX: But, daddy!

TEX 2: I said git!

Daddy Tex puts a gun to his own head.

Tex watches as his father shoots himself. He flinches and looks away, tears streaming from his eyes, then grabs the money from his fathers’ chest and spins towards the street to find a Ferrari behind him.
He jumps and slides across the hood of the beautiful machine and into the street and begins to look around for something.
He puts his fingers in his mouth and whistles.

TEX: Julia!

A striking black horse charges up the opposite side of the street. She makes a u-turn and stops at Tex.

He jumps onto the Philly, boots her sides and they take off.
As they do, ten or so police cars round the corner in hot pursuit.

Tex rides Julia like a bat out of hell, the cops fast gaining.

Julia drifts as she rounds a sharp corner.
A couple of the cops attempt the same, but slam into each other and into cars in the intersection, exploding.

Tex ducks the flying cop car debris as he continues his escape.

Suddenly, there is a helicopter in pursuit.

COPTER LOUD SPEAKER: This is the police! Stop your horse and surrender now!

Tex does not.
One of the cops in the copter begins to fire on Tex with a machine gun.
Julia dodges the shots as quickly as she can, until Tex pulls hard on her reigns.

They turn and start towards the copter.

The pilot tries to fly so that the gunner can hit Tex.

PILOT: This bastard buckaroo is crazy!

Tex and Julia dodge the fire, and head directly for the oncoming police cars.
Finally, Tex rides under the copter, passing it.

The copter turns and continues after the man and his horse.
The gunman starts to fire again.

Tex rides harder and harder, getting closer and closer to the oncoming cars.

TEX: Hyah!

Julia jumps and runs atop the cops, jumping from car to car!

The gunman continues to shoot, hitting each car as Tex passes over them.

PILOT: You crazy bastard!! Hold your fire!

GUNMAN: Screw that! I’m gonna tag this sonovabitch!

INT. Cop car DAY
Officer frantically make radio announcement.

OFFICER: I repeat, look out for friendly fire!!

Through the windshield, the cop sees the oncoming cowboy and the still firing copter behind him.

The cop screams just before he is perforated by a hale of bullets.

Tex pulls his revolver out, and shoots behind himself without looking.

EXT. Police headquarters DAY

Cops run out onto the tarmac as alarms sound.

LOUD SPEAKER: We have men down! Unnecessary force in the pursuit has been authorized.

INT. Copter DAY
The pilot is hit in the forehead with a bullet.
He slumps forward, and the copter begins to drop and spin.

GUNMAN: What the-!?

He loses control of the gun, and starts to shoot up a row of high-rise buildings.

INT. office building DAY
The workers are all blessed with piercing rounds of machine gun fire.

Tex reaches the end of the police cars just as the copter crashes down into them in a massive explosion.

He looks back to see the fiery propeller spinning towards him

Tex and Julia barrel into the entrance of the subway.
The propeller ricochets off a large truck, off a building, then into the entrance.

Tex rides as hard as he can as the propeller blades hit the walls and stairs of the tunnel and follow him as if it was trying to catch him!

He drives Julia through the crowd, screaming.

TEX: Git down, everybody! Git down!

The commuters just stare in bewilderment as Tex jumps onto the tracks.

Suddenly, the blade flies through the crowd, slicing many, missing few.
It almost catches Tex, but it slams into the side of the train that seems to scream along the tracks from nowhere.

Tex continues to ride away from the speeding train into the darkness of the tunnel…

The train also explodes, for good measure…

INT. Warehouse DAY
Tex runs into the abandoned warehouse carrying the moneybags. He checks the windows and locks the doors.

Tex is still breathing heavily as he takes off his mask and slumps to the floor.

EXT. Warehouse NIGHT
A team of soldiers advances quietly on the warehouse. They are all heavily armed.

Inside the warehouse, Tex is asleep clutching the money when guns are drawn on him and flashlights awaken him.

LT.FUN: Get up, you lousy piece of dirt!

The group beats Tex unmercifully, kicking and punching him as his gun is kicked away.

INT. Courtroom DAY
Tex stands in front of the board of judges’ bench receiving his sentencing.

JUDGE: 29 counts of manslaughter, 4 counts of murder, 268 counts of reckless endangerment.

INT. Prison DAY
Tex sits in his cell, dressed in striped a uniform including his cowboy hat.

VOICE OF JUDGE: 33 consecutive life sentences.

A guard walks up to Tex’s cell and stops.

GUARD: Hey, cowboy! They shot your horse this morning!

TEX: No! Julia…

NEXT TIME: Tex Breaks out.

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